Blogmas Day 11 | Christmas Gift Guide Game of Thrones/Walking Dead

So it's my final gift guide! I've loved every moment of creating these alternative gift guides for all the fans that you may have in your life and struggling to by for..

This week I'm ending on the ultimate gift guide for those Game of Thrones and Walking Dead fans that you might be buying for, starting with the Game of Thrones Fans.
When it comes to Game of Thrones everyone has their favourite character/family. There are so many different pieces out there to help them be able to show off their loyalty in their own way.
5. 'Dinner Is Coming' Chopping Board, 6. Game of Thrones Wooden Sign, 7. 'Not Today' Bracelet, 8. Nights Watch Brooch, 9. Winter Is Coming Mug
Again, here are just some more pieces of how you can help that fan show off their loyalty in their own style. If clothing isn't their thing, then maybe household items are!

There are so many different kinds of clothing options out there for Walking Dead fans, from quotes to maps, to favourite Characters.. Find the one that they would love the most and I think you'd be pretty much sorted!
So if you're a Walking Dead fan then you might be aware of all the inside jokes that take place within the fanbase. While putting together this gift guide I also discovered that so many fans are incredibly at making their own jewellery and drawings. Whatever the fan you're buying for is into, I'm sure you'd be able to easy find the perfect gift for those.

I hope you've enjoyed my Ultimate Gift Guides for the different fans that you might have in your life and I hope you've managed to take some inspiration!
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