Life | November Favourites

I honestly cannot believe that we are almost into December and that 2016 is creeping up on us incredibly quickly; seriously where did this year go?

I have a terrible habit of using the same products all the time so it's very rare that I'm able to do a favourites post, but this month I actually have some favourites to share. Mostly old favourites that I've rediscovered, but a few newbies!

Two hand creams have made the cut this month. I am absolutely loving a hand cream I picked up on sale from Superdrug a few weeks ago; the Leafy & Lovely Summer Meadow Hand Lotion. It's a bit of summery scent, which I know isn't a scent everyone wants to use this time of year, but I find it a nice break when I want a different kind of scent at this time of year. I'm also loving the Cocoa Butter Hand Cream from Avon, if you know me then you'll know I love anything cocoa butter so this is a pretty obvious choice.

Scent wise I'm definitely getting ready for Christmas, I don't yet feel it but I definitely smell it. It's this time of year that I go back to using my Vanilla Brûlée body mist from the Body Shop due to it's warm undertones that are just perfect at this time of year and help me feel so comfy somehow. I've also discovered the Vanilla & Sandalwood Scented Spritz, again from Avon that helps my room smell incredibly cosy this time of year too. I tend to spray this across my bed in the morning and across my curtains so that my room smells delicious all day long. I've also started burning my Apple Pie Village Candle again because it purely just smells of cinnamon, which is my winter and autumn scent. The scent completely fills a room and it's been helping me sleep really well for the past week. The bedding currently on my bed is also quickly becoming a favourite of mine to, it's so comfy I can't even explain how good it feels to just be all curled up on a cold morning.

Recently in my search for a new primer I've recently discovered the Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Primer thanks to the really kind girl in Boots who gave me a couple of sample bottles to try before I commit to buying a full size tube. I can definitely say my makeup is looking, applying and lasting a lot better since I started using this and I definitely underestimated the use of a primer.

I guess the electricals are a bit misleading. I'm currently reading Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by Jane Hawking. I still haven't gotten around to watching the Theory of Everything, but I'm absolutely loving this book. It's such a different insight in to a man we all feel we know so well, and it's also nice to be reading something different to my usual books. My headphones represent my current love for One Direction's new album, Made In The A.M. I loved Drag Me Down and Perfect anyway, but the whole album is just brilliant, I'm not even ashamed. My xbox remote quite simply represents my current habit of binge watching Netflix at every opportunity. At the start of November I was only on season 2 of Once Upon A Time as I'd completely fallen behind, however I'm now just about to start season 5 as I'm typing this, and I'm sure I'll have caught up pretty soon. Anyone else have this bad habit?

So those are my favourites for this month, what are yours? Let me know below!