Life | Dear November

Dear November,

Just what do you have in mind for me this year?

I'm incredibly busy with work, which is great. I'm finally being thrown into working life as a nurse! Of course it's Luke's birthday to, I have no idea what to even get him.. He's 19 this year and he get's no easier to buy for. I need some inspiration this year November!

The nights are getting darker, winter is definitely settling in and I can just feel everything becoming that little bit cosier. But I need to ask one thing November, can you please stop the rain? I love dark winter nights and mornings and I love the crisp leaves; but I cannot deal with the rain. I've never been able to.

Short and sweet again November, I don't have a lot planned for this month actually. I'm looking forward to getting really stuck into work.

Speak soon,
Beka. xo