Christmas Gift Guide | Potterheads

A Christmas gift guide with a difference! At this time of year you see nearly every single blogger putting out their gift guides, which I absolutely love and they usually give me so many ideas for presents for people or I end up creating a huge wish list for myself.

I wanted to create a different kind of Christmas gift guide and then it hit me, why not create a gift guide for all the cult followings? So I'm starting with the perfect gift guide for that Harry Potter lover in your life!
Starting with the overly obvious Christmas gifts! From Christmas cards with the Potter touch, Christmas tree letter decorations or baubles, or a gift box that includes everything a Harry Potter fan could dream of.
I personally would love a Harry Potter print, it's just something totally different. Whether it's a print of their favourite quote, the entire first book in one poster or a print that is specifically designed for their house, if you know it, would make such a personal gift that would be so special.
Who doesn't love a little bit of jewellery at Christmas? Every Potter fan has something that just means the world to them, and as you can see above there is such a huge range of jewellery. As someone who owns a Time Turner and the rope bracelet, they are some of my favourite pieces of jewellery and such an easy way to show my Potter love with pride in such a subtle way.
If jewelry isn't their thing, then maybe clothing is. Whether it's a jumper with the Hogwarts castle on, another way to proudly display their Potter love or a jumper or gloves in their house colours. Or maybe even go that extra step and buy a skirt entirely inspired by the Daily Prophet. As a Potterhead who loves subtly displaying my Potter love everywhere, I think I need this skirt in my life.
For that tea or coffee drinker an 'Accio' mug would be perfect; Potterheads everywhere will know exactly what this means, but to everyone else it's just a quote mug. Same with this drinking jar, maybe go that extra mile and get their favourite Potter quote printer on this too. You can't have a mug without coasters, especially in my house, Potter coasters would be the perfect edition to their Potter mug!
I always find that Christmas is that perfect time to buy presents that you'd never receive at any other time of the year. This little keyring would be perfect for Potterheads, and just like the mug others will just see it as a quote. For someone who is always reading their Kindle why not buy them this Kindle cover so they can always have their own book of spells! This page rose is just beautiful and such a subtle gift. Why not pick up these quote pencils that Potterheads will spot a mile off!

Next week will be my ultimate gift guide for Star Wars fans! Let me know below what other fandom's you'd like to see a gift guide for!