Life | Twin Atlantic

So if you follow me on social media anywhere you'll probably already be aware that I saw Twin Atlantic last Saturday, and if you know me at all then you'll know just how much I love this band and how much they mean to me.

I first saw Twin Atlantic at Leeds Fest in 2014, and I think I've just somehow missed every other chance to see them live. As soon as we find out that Twin Atlantic would be playing at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds we all jumped at the chance; I peronsally was dying inside like an excited kid on Christmas Morning.

Brudenell Social Club is one of the best venues that I have ever been to for a gig. It was comfortable enough to hold what I'd say wasn't even 100 people, but small enough for the perfect intimate gig. I've had to stand on many chairs at many gigs in my time due to being so tiny, but never have I been so comfortable doing it than I was on Saturday.

Twin Atlantic were the best I have ever seen them, including personally seeing them with my own eyes and so many TV performances. They truly were on top form. The setlist was perfect and amazingly I wouldn't have made any changes. The only thing that truly threw me was the Sam wasn't wearing his trademark leather jacket or rain jacket, which he is known for.

If there is one thing Saturday reminded me of, especially as I haven't been to one in a long time, is that intimate gigs are always better than any other gig.