Life | Dear October

Dear October,

I realised as I started writing this to you that I've actually kept up with these letters for an entire year. I'm proud of myself for keeping them up for this long, I'm a person who would love to keep a diary but struggles when it actually comes to doing it.

So we're back round to the month when my birthday falls. This year I actually don't have too much planned, it's not really a special birthday like last year and I have a feeling that I might end up working on it. I don't want to do too much for it if I'm being completely honest, I'm perfectly happy with a family meal and then a meal just for me and Ryan.

Again this time last year I was so excited for Halloween. I'm struggling to be excited for Halloween just yet because I'm not sure if I'm working on it yet or not. I suppose this is the reality of growing up and being a responsible adult now.

This month I get to see two of my favourite bands; Fall Out Boy and Twin Atlantic. I get to see Fall Out Boy at the start of the month and then Twin Atlantic at the end, two perfect ways to both start and end the month. I always love seeing my favourite bands live and I always enjoy seeing them with the best company.

Is it wrong that I'm excited because you'll be my first month where I'm working properly and earning properly? I am so excited for that first wage slip as an actually qualified nurse, it almost doesn't seem real!

I hope you're just cold October, I can layer up and wrap up warm but I really don't like the rain. Be kind.

Beka. xo