Friday First | Traces Of Me

So when I stumbled across this book on Bloggers Required and saw the description of 'a modern day Bridget Jones meets Fifty Shades' I jumped at the chance to review this book. I've been looking for new books to read as lately I seem to have been sticking to all the same genre and I needed something new to keep me interested. I have a really bad habit of wanting to read books due their covers and I can honestly say that the cover of Traces Of Me wouldn't have grabbed me and I had I been looking either in a bookstore or online I would have completely overlooked this book.

The book is a really short book; in total the PDF I was sent was on 77 pages, and only 75 of those are the story. Due to the length I managed to read this book in a couple of hours on night whilst I was watching TV with my mum, I really am able to get stuck into a book really easily.

I don't want to give too much of the story away, but let me give you the central spine of the storyline so that you can gain a feel. The story is focused around April who is approaching her thirtieth birthday. April meets someone new and as her happiness grows, her confidence within herself grows too. Her new confidence means that she starts wearing makeup, she has an entire new wardrobe and she faces up to the parts of herself that she wasn't entirely happy with. However, as her new man tells her that he preferred the old her April needs to decides what is more important to her; her new confidence and happiness or finally being in a relationship.

I found this part of the story really easy to relate to. We've all got parts of ourselves that we're not entirely happy with and that we wish we could change, wether this be with makeup, a new wardrobe, or more drastic measures. However, we all crave the love of another person and want to be happy with someone. I found April easy to relate to, she was a real character and I could definitely pick parts of myself out in her and I could definitely pick out the Bridget Jones vibe from her. It was refreshing to read a book with a main character who was so realistic and relatable.

As for the Fifty Shades aspect to the book. I felt this wasn't needed at all and there were quite a few scenes which went into detail about April and her sex life. For me this didn't add anything to the book, and I actually found myself skipping through these parts as quickly as I could. Not because I was embarrassed or blushing, but because they just didn't add anything for me. In fact there was one sex scene which I actually wish hadn't been added into the book at all as I felt it completely went against the core message of the book and it was uncomfortable to read.

What I loved about the book more than anything was the message that it sent out. I think many books try to push the message of being happy in yourself before being happy in any other part of your life, but I think Traces Of Me just did this in such a realistic way and this quote 'Because the beauty of time is our ability to heal, to forgive and forget, and today I am an entirely stronger person already than I was yesterday' proves that perfectly. Unfortunately for me the book moved too quickly and I sometimes found myself backtracking a few paragraphs or even a page just to make sure I hadn't misread something or skipped something completely.

Would I recommend Traces Of Me? I think if I knew someone was looking for a book that was different to something that they would normally read then I would. I'd also love to recommend this book for the core message that it sends, but due to the sexual nature I'd have to be very careful who I recommended it too.
Would I re-read Traces Of Me? I don't think it will be. The story moved too quickly for me and at times I felt like I'd missed something. Although I was able to connect with April really well I struggled to connect with any of the other characters.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. It wasn't terribly written and I personally think there were aspects of the book that could have been completely left out and it wouldn't make any difference to the book. The story moved too quickly for me as well and I felt like bits were missing.

Have you read Traces Of Me? Is it a book that you would be likely to read? Let me know below.

I was sent this product for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own, honest and have not been influenced in any way. I have not been paid for this review.