Friday First | Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo

You know those products that you'd never normally pick up and it's actually by pure accident that you end up with them? This weeks post is definitely one of those.

When my parents went on holiday a couple of months ago my Mum realised that she'd forgotten to pack shampoo and had to run out and buy some. With her being on holiday for only a week she didn't want to spend too much money on a shampoo and ended up picking up the Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo.

Timotei is a brand that I've heard of but never tried much from, but I was really interested in this shampoo. Any shampoo that claims to be specifically for golden highlights is something I am willing to try with having bleached hair.

Being completely honest however I am always incredibly sceptical when products claim to bring out the blonde in highlights and brighten them but I will always give anything a go at least once. I was pleasantly surprised with this shampoo and it is definitely something that we'll be repurchasing.

I can definitely say that this shampoo did brighten my blondes, I can only say that it bought my blonde back to life. I have a really bad habit of reaching for my touch of silver shampoo when I want to re-tone my hair and sometimes add that platinum and grey/blue/purple tint to my hair, but for those days when I just want to re-brighten my hair, this is the shampoo that I'll now be reaching for!

The only downside to this shampoo that I found was after using it for around three days in a row my hair did feel as though there was a huge product build up going on and I just wanted to wash my hair again. My mum hasn't complained of this problem, however she has short hair and is able to get away with only washing her hair every two-three days unlike me who washes her hair every single day.

Will I continue to use Timotei's Golden Highlights Shampoo? I will. It won't be a shampoo that I reach for on a daily basis, however it will be a product that I reach for on those days when I just want to refresh my hair and put a new life into my blondes.
Would I repurchase Timotei's Golden Highlights Shampoo I'm already looking at where I can pick up this shampoo as it's become a staple for my Mum and me, so yes it's definitely going to be repurchased.
Would I recommend Timotei's Golden Highlights Shampoo? If you have blonde hair and sometimes want to refresh and re-brighten your hair without having to tone it and do too much, this is the shampoo for you!
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I personally can't use this every day without my hair feeling like I'm suffering from extreme product build up. But it does brighten my blonde and refresh my hair without me having to do too much.

Have you ever used this shampoo before? Is it a product that you would be interested in trying? Do you know any similar products? Let me know below!