Friday First | Laghmani's Heart Perfume

Hands up, who wants to scream and shout about their new favourite perfume but suddenly realised at she sat down to write this that she has no idea what the scent is? Oh that's right, me!

I really wish I was joking. My parents bought me back this perfume from their holiday and it has quickly become one of my favourite scents, but despite all my research I cannot find what the scent is anywhere.

My Mum told me that she picked it up for me as she was told that it was a copy for Daisy. That doesn't bother me, I'm all for copy perfumes. Especially as I'd be crying handing over £40 for one bottle. The scent is really familiar to Daisy, but it's also so different. I can't quite put my finger on how, I think it's a little bit sweeter but also a little more sophisticated. Does that even make sense?

Also can we talk about how pretty that bottle is? I know not everyone will like it and some will see it as cheap and tacky but I absolutely love it. It really stands out against my other perfumes and it really is a centre piece.

So I feel like I have written the most pointless review, but I'm useless with describing scents. Even more so when I'm not even sure what notes I'm meant to be picking out! Remind me to never take perfume developing up as a career. It really has quickly become my favourite perfume though and I just want to tell everyone about it.

Will I continue to use Laghmani's Heart? I'm currently wearing this perfume on a daily basis and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, the perfect sign of the best perfume so definitely. It has suddenly become my daily scent without fail.
Would I repurchase the Laghmani's Heart? I'm already looking at places where I can repurchase this perfume for when I finally run out, so it's safe to safe that I will.
Would I recommend the Laghmani's Heart? I think perfume is something that is very difficult to recommend as it's such a personal thing for everyone. I definitely want everyone to be able to smell this perfume though.
Overall score out of 5? A high 4. It would be easier for me if I knew what scents I was meant to be picking out from my perfume, but I still love it so much!