Friday First | Anew Clean Cleansing Water

You know you're a blogger when your Mum tells you that she doesn't really like a product that she's tried and you automatically steal it off her to try for yourself thinking it will make a great product review!

That is exactly what happened with this Anew Clean Cleansing Water. My Mum bought it from Avon however she found that it was irritating her skin slightly, so I stole it off her with the intentions of trying it for myself and reviewing it for everyone.

First of all I'm in love with the packaging. For me the packaging makes this product which is so fairly priced look so much more expensive than it actually is. The cleansing water itself is alcohol free and therefore is meant to be suitable for sensitive skin. There is a very light fragrance, but I personally don't find this strong enough to cause irritation. My Mum found that this cleansing water was irritating her eyes, after looking through reviews I haven't found anyone else saying this. However, I know that my Mum is overly sensitive to products, especially around her eye area.

I'm probably using this product completely wrong, but whatever I'm doing seems to be suiting my skin. In the morning I use this product to refresh my skin and remove any left over makeup after washing my face in the morning before I go in with my moisturiser and everything else for the day, and at night I use this product in place of my micellar water to remove my makeup. This is where I'm convinced I'm using this product wrong, but it's fantastic at removing my makeup and it helps my skin to feel refreshed at night too.

I don't think I'm going to replace my micellar water with this cleansing water, I think I'm going to use it alongside. The cleansing water has toning properties which is a step I have skipped in my skincare for many years and I think it might be step I put back in now that I have discovered this cleansing water. However, I'll use my micellar water to remove my makeup as normal and this cleansing water to remove any makeup I've missed and to refresh my skin before bed.

Will I continue to use the Anew Clean Cleansing Water? I will. I don't have to use a lot of product so I think it's going to last me a while, especially if I introduce it alongside my micellar water.
Would I repurchase the Anew Clean Cleansing Water? I think I will, it's a fairly priced product for what it does and I haven't found a product that is similar.
Would I recommend the Anew Clean Cleansing Water? I think I would. If you are looking for a product to help refresh and tone all while being anti-ageing then this is definitely that product.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. My skin has been feeling really nice since I started using this product, however I'm still waiting to see and work out how I'll see the anti-ageing property of this water. However I'm really enjoying it and it feels great for my skin.