Beauty | Beauty Rules

I hold my hands up, I am the kind of girl that seems to ignore every beauty rule out there. I know they exist, and I know what I should and shouldn't be doing.. But who seriously has the time?

Out of those outlined above I probably stick to two on a good day; I moisturise every day that I'm leaving the house, I have a terrible habit of not doing so when I'm at home and not wearing makeup and I do take my makeup off before bed on most nights, but there is still the odd night where I'm so tired that I just crawl into bed and basically die straight away.

We'll ignore the rule of sharing makeup. My mum always taught me this was an absolutely no go, and I've never done it. Apart from telling my teachers that me and my best friend had shared an eyeliner and both got conjunctivitis to get out of swimming... Every other rule I break. I don't wear suncream daily, I try to at least wear it on my face daily but I fail.

I ignore my eyebrows far too much, I tend to pluck them once a month and that's usually when I look in the mirror while doing my makeup and think "yeah I can't avoid these anymore".

I am hopeless with my skin type, I know I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry cheeks and the occasional dry patch but do I dehydrate my skin more? Could I be using a more hydrating moisturiser? I just don't know!

Just like every other girl will admit, I don't wash my brushes as much as I should. I wash my foundation sponge at least once every two weeks and even then I know that's not enough. My excuse? They take too long to dry and I need at least two days in a row of not wearing makeup to allow them all to dry.

Thinking of rules that aren't mentioned about that I just ignore; I brush my hair when it's wet. I'm too impatient and use heat on my hair too much. I don't exfoliate enough. I don't use a face mask often enough. I don't drink enough water. I pull the skin around my eyes when I'm applying eye makeup or doing my eyeliner.

I think I'm not alone in pointing out that no one follows every single beauty rule that they have been told in life, in fact if you do then I salute you! But we shouldn't beat ourselves up about them. Also don't take beauty rules seriously, writing this post actually made me laugh thinking about all the things that we all get told that we should and shouldn't do when it comes to hair, beauty and makeup.

What beauty rules have you always been told that you just don't, or can't, follow? Let me know below!