Friday First | Wilko Dry Shampoo

It's a product that we all use, but few actually admit to. I'll hold my hands up, I could not live without dry shampoo in my life. I usually wash my hair daily, but having my hair up at work means that I get away quite easily with my hair not looking greasy and I can usually get away with dry shampooing my hair one night and it still looking fresh the next morning. It's really helping me cut down on how much heat I'm using on my hair during one week, okay I'll also hold my hands up to there is a slight element of laziness there as well.

I picked up this one from Wilkos the other week after being drawn in by the price, only 95p for 200ml, and I'd also heard some good things. Wilkos has a few varieties to pick from however I ended up grabbing the 'Fragranced'.

The smell is what I can only describe as floral, I am useless when it comes to describing smells though. Although it's definitely not your typical dry shampoo, it leaves your hair smelling quite fresh and doesn't have that "well that's definitely dry shampoo" smell that always makes me feel incredibly self conscious.

I also found that this dry shampoo didn't leave an obvious powder trace in my hair. I apply my dry shampoo at night to allow it to work through my hair at night and top up any areas that might need it in the morning. I find that when I spray this into my hair it seems relatively clear and doesn't take a lot of working into my hair. With other dry shampoos I'll quickly blast it with my hairdryer to remove any excess product, but I've not actually had to do this with this dry shampoo. My hair isn't left feeling powdery and horrible as it has been in the past with other dry shampoos that I have bought.

Will I continue to use the Wilko Dry Shampoo Fragranced? Oh definitely. I think I'm in love with a dry shampoo. It's not obvious when I'm using it and it leaves my hair feeling fresh. Also for the price you cannot go wrong.
Would I repurchase the Wilko Dry Shampoo Fragranced? I will. You can get away with using so little so it really goes a long way. I think I'll pick up the bigger size next time.
Would I recommend the Wilko Dry Shampoo Fragranced? I really would. It's a great dry shampoo where a little goes a long way. It doesn't leave the tell tale powder trace and it smells really refreshing.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. I just wish the range was a little wider; there's one specifically for brunettes, I'm just waiting for the blonde one!