Friday First | Venus & Olay

I feel like razor blades are something that we don't really speak about. We know that everybody uses them, everyone has to shave and everyone seems to have their favourites. However I don't feel their reviewed enough, and if you're like me and just stand in an aisle for what feels like an hour trying to decide which razor blade would be best to try then a review would come in helpful.

I started using a Venus razor around a year ago because I was fed up of disposable razors cutting me nearly everywhere and just leaving my skin feeling crap. I usually always buy the Spa Breeze blades as I love the smell of them, however when the time came to repurchasing them no where seemed to have them in stock so I thought I'd try the new blades with Olay.

Venus & Olay blades claim to exfoliate and help lock in moisture, when compared with the Spa Breeze blades. Oh what I gave up to truly test these blades. I couldn't feel or see anything on the blade head that would act as an exfoliant and I definitely wouldn't say that I felt this when I was saving my legs. Moisture wise I felt that my legs did feel a lot silkier and smoother when in the shower, but I wouldn't say that this feeling lasted when I was out of the shower.

I found the moisture bars bigger than the ones on the Spa Breeze blades, I don't know if this is true or if I'm just being slightly skeptical, and I found that this made it harder for me to shave my legs. I also missed the scent of that you get with the Spa Breeze blades. Looking online I've been seeing a lot of Venus & Olay blades with a sugarberry scent, but I'm not sure if I have these or not.

Overall they still do a good job at shaving my legs as Venus blades always will do. My legs are being ripped to shreds and my skin does feel better after shaving. I wouldn't say I noticed a huge difference though, but I also really don't do change!

Will I continue to use the Venus & Olay Razor Blades? I've only just had to put a new one on my razor and I've still got one left in the box so I definitely will get my use out of them before I purchase more blades.
Would I repurchase the Venus & Olay Razor Blades? I don't think so. I personally will go back to the Spa Breeze blades, and there are a few other blades for me to try if I can't get my hands on Spa Breeze. I also hate how these are more expensive but you actually get one blade less than the typical Venus refill boxes!
Would I recommend the Venus & Olay Razor Blades? I think if you're someone who really does struggle with dry skin after shaving then I think the huge moisture bars would be beneficial for you.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I don't think they did anything different for me when compared with my usual razor blades, and I actually found the bigger moisture bars made them harder to work with. My legs did feel great in the shower, but I can't say I noticed a huge difference at any other time.

Do you use Venus Razor Blades? Which blades are your favourite? Have you tried the Venus & Olay blades? Let me know below!