Friday First | The Girl You Left Behind

I've studied history a lot, which means I've also studied the world war and the Germans a lot. However, JoJo Moyes was able to capture and explain just so beautifully as well as so realistically just how it felt to be under German rule, it felt just like I was there. I flicked through my Kindle so quickly as I was so hooked and I just wanted to know just what was happening.

The book is split between two time frames; back in World War I and the modern day. I initially wasn't too keen on how the modern parts were written as it didn't seem to be written from anybody's point of view in particular, but it did still make sense. The modern day was written in a way so that everybody's point of view was taken on board and portrayed so it made sense as to why it was written like this.

The story all tied together in a beautiful way and I love how the modern day tied in with to Sophie's story from World War I, but if I'm being honest I was just begging to get back to Sophie's story to find out what actually happened.

The way The Girl You Left Behind is written and it just beautiful, just like all of JoJo's books are and it definitely keeps you hooked. I couldn't put this book down and when I did I actually couldn't stop thinking about it!

Would I recommend The Girl You Left Behind? Highly. I don't know what I expected but I fell in love with this book and then had my heart ripped out, only to fall back in love all over again. It captured the feelings of World War I perfectly and tied it into the modern day perfectly.
Would I re-read The Girl You Left Behind? It won't be a book that I reach for straight away, but I will definitely reach for it again at some point. It will be a book that I reach for when I'm in the need of a good love story.
Overall score out of 5? An incredibly high 4. I wasn't overly fond of how the modern day was written and I fell in love with Sophie's story a lot more, but I still loved the entire book.

Have you read The Girl You Left Behind? Are you a fan of JoJo Moyes's books? Let me know below.