Beauty | Shower Favourites

Do you ever find those products that just make your shower absolutely heavenly? Well these are the products that are currently my shower favourites!

It all starts with Soap & Glory's Scrub Of Your Life, I use this scrub in two ways. First I use it on the day I shave my legs to give my legs a good scrub so shaving them is easier and the end up a lot smoother, and then at least once a week I use this scrub all over to give my entire body a good exfoliate. I absolutely love this body scrub because I've honestly never used a body scrub that exfoliates so well but that moisturises at the same time.

I then follow up with a Soap & Glory's Clean On Me and I end up smelling like a Soap & Glory dream. This is a shower gel that lathers up so well but that also has that famous Soap & Glory scent that actually stays on your body after it's been rinsed off and you're out of the shower.

Once I'm all silky smooth and smelling pink, I follow up with my Skin So Soft In-Shower Body Lotion because let's be honest, I'm slightly lazy when it comes to moisturising. I've always been slightly sceptical of in shower body moisturisers as I was never sure that they'd truly work. However my skin always feels silky smooth as soon as I use this and that feeling definitely does last. I do follow up with a moisturiser once I'm out of the shower, but then I just feel like a silky smooth goddess.

So those are the products that make my shower an absolute dream. What products do you love using in the shower?