Beauty | Battle Of The Body Scrub

Everyone has their favourite body scrub or exfoliator and has their holy grail. So out of the five that I own, which is mine?

The Body Shop Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub
I've already spoke about this body scrub on my blog before. I picked this up in The Body Shop's Christmas sale because who can resist chocolate scented anything? The scent is incredible but I don't find it overly exfoliating, it's not a wet exfoliator I just don't think there is enough sugar to be effective. However I'll use up the rest when I shave my legs probably.

Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying with Dead Sea Minerals Body Scrub
This is the newest body scrub in my collection and it's also the one with the longest name. I can only describe the scent of this as a mixture between a typical spa scent but I find it just on the edge of becoming a masculine scent, it's not an awful scent though. I'm a bit of a sucker for anything that includes dead sea minerals and I've always loved Avon's Planet Spa range. The scrub looks slightly wet, however the dead sea minerals and other exfoliants work really well and make you feel silky smooth once you've used this.

Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life
I spoke about this just last week so we all know just how much I'm enjoying this scrub lately. Of course the famous pink scent is one of my favourites and I love using this in the shower. The exfoliating beads work really well to leave you feeling silky smooth again but they also break down to leave you feeling moisturised too.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub
This was on my wishlist for ages and I originally wanted Sugar Crush, but after smelling Sugar Crush and finding it far too sickly sweet I instantly fell in love with the Breakfast Scrub. The scent is everything you want on those days where you just want to relax. I always save this scrub for Autumn and Winter, there is just something about it that makes me feel so pampered in the colder months. Actually now the weather has turned colder I'm so excited to be pull this out again. This is my favourite ever body scrub, it's not too wet and it's quite a coarse scrub. You can feel your skin being exfoliated and you just feel super pampered.

Boots Extracts Luscious Vanilla Body Scrub
I picked this up as an alternative to Smoothie Star in Spring and it was actually cheaper and a bigger tub, which is always a bonus. The scent is incredible, it's definitely vanilla but not how you'd expect. I can only describe it as a toasted vanilla scent but I'm probably completely wrong. Again it's a very wet consistency for a body scrub, but the exfoliant beads still work incredibly well. It's definitely my favourite scrub to use in the Spring and Summer time when I want to feel a little bit more pampered.

I definitely can't pick between Smoothie Star and my Boots Luscious Vanilla scrubs being my two absolutely favourite body scrubs. What would you say is your favourite body scrub?

Bonus pictures of Bailey trying to help me take blog pictures!