Life | Spending Ban

As you can see above I have a lot of products that I need to work my way through; along with quite a few of the same products. Who seriously needs six bottles of the same moisturiser and seven tins of Vaseline, five of which are the same favour!

Okay so my point is this. I see all the time people on Twitter talking about being on spending bans and writing blog posts about their spending bans. I think it's time to admit that I need to place myself on a spending ban. I have a huge list of products that I want to get a chance to try, however I recently sorted out my bedroom and I found that I actually have a huge hoard of so many products and quite a few samples that I need to work my way through before I buy any new products.

A lot of the products that I have I've never tried before and I realise that I could discover some new products that I absolutely love that are currently just stored away in my cupboard.. I also now need to be serious on that ban I placed on myself at the beginning of the year to buy no more lip products because I seriously do not need anymore lip butters, balms, or anything else.

I'm not upset that I'm placing myself on a spending ban, and of course all the essentials in life such as skincare, underwear, new work clothes, makeup, etc. I will still be allowed to buy but I am not allowed to buy anything on my wish list until I have made a serious dent in all the products pictured above!

Let me know below if you have any products stored away that you really should try. Let me know if you're on a spending ban and why!