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A very different kind of review to anything I have ever reviewed before.

A few weeks ago I received a product review request via Jamballa from ReallyColour. ReallyColour allows you to turn your own photos into colouring pages that you are able to print yourself. I was provided with a code which provided me two photo credit codes. You cannot buy single photo credits and have to buy them in a bunch of 10 which is $3.99, which is equivalent to £2.56 which I think is great for 10 colouring pages.

I find the idea of converting your own photos into colouring pages is a really unique idea and something that I'm not aware that has been done before. I'm very aware that this wouldn't be for everyone but I think it could make a very unique gift, especially if you're someone who has smaller children.. I could imagine these been given to grandparents as very special gifts.

I personally found it very difficult to convert any of my favourite photos into colouring pages due to loads of lines appearing everywhere and making my photos look slightly terrifying, so I chose to go with my two favourite loves in life. However when creating your colouring pages you have the options to play with the amount of lines and the thickness of the lines that are created so that you are able to create the colouring page that you desire. ReallyColour then email your colouring pages to you in both a JPG and PDF format.

I found colouring these pages to be really relaxing, I know that adult colour books are the latest craze and I found these to be a cute alternative. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with my pictures yet, however I can still see these making the cutest little gift!