Life | Dear August

Dear August,

I haven't wrote in a while and I'm so sorry. Time ran away from me and I didn't even realise that July had arrived, and now it's passed me by.

July was a busy month for me August and I'm so glad that you're now here during my summer holiday so that I can actually enjoy you for a while without stress and added pressures.

Although you will hold a slight pressure for me August; you hold my elective placement, aka my final four week placement during my time as a student nurse before I am off into the big wide world as nursing.

Apart from that I don't have much planned for you. I want to enjoy the final days of my summer holidays and then just enjoy my final placement and the rest of my time as a student before it's all over.

I hope you give me some better weather though August, remember that sunshine that made an appearance at the start of July? Well if you could provide me with some of that I think that would be great, I'd really enjoy some warm summer nights with the people who mean the most to me.

I hope you're good August, and I hope that you don't fly by too quickly as life seems to be at the moment.

I promise to write more.

Beka. xo