Friday First | The Treat Kitchen

I can honestly say that this is one of the best reviews that I have ever done and I don't think I've ever been so excited to write a review.

I saw that the Treat Kitchen were looking for bloggers based in the East Midlands so I approached them and then they kindly asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their products. Of course as soon as I saw what their products were I couldn't refuse. They initially asked me to pop to their shop to review their products, but after explaining that this wouldn't be an option for a while they kindly offered to send me some products in the post! I can honestly say that I have loved every single second of working with The Treat Kitchen!

Gourmet Jelly Beans, 240g - £3.95
Can we first of all appreciate the cutest packaging that I have ever seen in my life? I love the milk bottle look and I'm already thinking about how I'll be using these after I've had all my jelly beans! There are so many other flavours of jelly beans that I'd love to try and they also come in pouches priced at £1.95 each.

I received the flavours Lime and Coconut Hearts. The lime jelly beans were both sweet and tangy but they have the perfect balance of both, I love them and I could eat them all day. The coconut hearts are insanely cute and I love the fact they're hearts and stand out from typical jelly beans. These actually tasted of coconut instead of soap like I've tasted with coconut in the past and I felt they had a toasted hint to them which I loved.

Would I repurchase the Gourmet Jelly Beans? I definitely would, I've spotted so many other flavours that I would love to try and I think the bottles are such a cute packaging idea that would be so cute for a gift!
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4, I loved the flavours I received and there are so many more flavours that I desperately want to try.

Famous Fruit Rock, 200g - £1.95
Rock is something that I've always loved since I was a child and it always reminds me of family holidays down at the seaside and now I have a way to enjoy it at home! I love the colours, it's so bright and just looks fun. The rock can also be bought in different flavours and can also be purchased in a glass jar for £3.95.

I love the fact that the rock is handmade and all rolled by hand, something that I fell in love with since visiting a the rock making factory in Bridlington. Both me and my mum have tried the rock and we both agree that it tastes fantastic. The flavour was nicely balanced, it wasn't too overpowering but it also wasn't so subtle that you couldn't taste it. The rock itself wasn't so hard that it broke our teeth but it wasn't so soft that it was just chewy. 

Would I repurchase the Famous Fruit Rock? Oh yes. I'm so excited to be able to buy rock without having to go to the seaside but be able to feel that I'm at the seaside. I also think it'll be a cute alternative for my Grandad at Christmas instead of his humbugs.
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4, I loved feeling like I was at the seaside and having all the memories that are associated with this one sweet. Again, I definitely want to try the other flavours.

Radioactive Sours, 110g - £1.95
Let me start off by saying that these absolutely killed me. I've had radioactive and sour sweets before that have never really lived up to their claims but these really are radioactive. I can honestly say that these are going to last me years, I have issues with my jaw and these made my jaw lock instantly, which is the sign of a really good sour sweet. As well as the pouches these come in science flasks which I think is a fantastic touch and something that is really different for £8.95.

However I really did like the sweets, if you get any of the malic acid on your lips and then later lick your lips you will suddenly find out that it's still there. I completely wimped out and spat my sweet out so it's going to take me a long time to get through these but my Dad was super brave and tried one and said that once you get past the initial sourness they are really nice.

Would I repurchase the Radioactive Sours? I personally wouldn't, but I know a few people who would really enjoy these sweets and I think the science flask packaging would make them a really interesting gift for people.
Overall score out of 5? I'm going to have to say a 2. I feel really bad about this score but it's purely because of my jaw not being able to handle sweets that are actually this sour. However they will be eaten, my Dad was brave enough and I think my brother would be too. One day I'll be brave enough to try them again.

Sweetshop Heroes, Watermelons, 200g - £1.95
I can honestly say that I was so excited when I opened my package to discover that the lovely people over at The Treat Kitchen had sent me fizzy watermelon slices which have to be my favourite sweets on the planet without even asking me what I liked! The Treat Kitchen have a whole range called Sweetshop Heroes that are classic sweets that everybody loves and I've already picked out so many gifts for people.

I struggle to find fizzy watermelon slices despite them being my favourite sweets and in the past when I have found them so many just don't deliver on flavour and actually don't have any flavour at all. These did not disappoint me the flavour was incredible and the fizziness provided the perfect balance of tang and sourness that I love. I have no idea how long these are going to last me, but I'm definitely going to make them last a while.

Would I repurchase the Sweetshop Heroes? I've already made a list of sweets that I want from this range and like I said above I just know they would make the best kind of gifts for people.
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4, I loved everything about these sweets and the only reason they didn't score a 5 is because I want so many more!

I'm already planning a trip to the shop in Nottingham as they are so many sweets, chocolates and so much more that I really do want to try! If anything you have seen here has grabbed your attention and you fancy placing an online order if you use the code 'BEKA10' at the checkout you can get 10% your order!

I was sent these products for free in return for a review. All opinions are my own, honest and have not been influenced in any way. I have not been paid for this review.