Friday First | Avon Nail Wraps

So this week I'm talking nail wraps. As someone who loves and takes pride in my nails I'm actually surprised in myself that I've never actually tried nail wraps before.

I spotted these nail wraps in Avon a couple of weeks ago and I actually forgot I'd ordered them until they turned up. I've actually been seeing loads of nail tutorials lately on how to create a similar looks using nail varnish, but to save myself time and a lot of mess these nail wraps seemed the perfect option!

These nail wraps are like all other nail wraps that I've seen; you stick the correct size onto your nails and then file off the excess. The instructions stated to apply the wraps to clean and dry nails, however I still applied a base coat to protect my nails as I have a fear of sticking things to my bare nails and then also applied a top coat to help seal the edges and provide a little extra shine.

Lately I've been seeing quite a few tutorials showing how to recreate a similar pattern on the nails, however I'd spied these nail wraps in Avon a few weeks ago and completely forgot that they were a similar pattern! I'll probably still attempt the nail art, however nail wraps are a much easier option.

I did three of my nails before I realised that I needed to rotate the nail wraps to make sure that some of the purples and blues, as well as the pinks and greens were on my nails. It sounds a little bit obvious, but it took me three nails to think about this! It didn't take me as long to apply these as I had expected which was a nice surprise!

As you can see from the pictures I ended up overlapping the edges of my nails and cuticles with the nail wraps, and although I did seal these wraps with a top coat these edges ended up catching and eventually lifting. Avon state that these nail wraps can be just peeled off but due to sealing them with a top coat I did need to soak them with some nail varnish removed to lift them slightly. Also on some nails there was some sticky residue left behind.

Would I repurchase the Avon Nail Wraps? I think I would. They were fairly priced and I think they would be perfect for those days or nights where I was going out but didn't have time to do my nails; I could pop these on and be ready to go!
Would I recommend the Avon Nail Wraps? I would. Again, they were fairly priced, were good quality and come in a range of patterns. I can't be too harsh on these as they only lifted because I overlapped my edges and I need a lot more practice in applying them!
Overall score out of 5? A 3. A lot more practice is needed in applying these, but I think they'd last a while and they'd be perfect for a cute nail look without the time or effort!