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So a quick explanation..

If you've been following my blog for a while, or have happened to stumble across my instragram or my Twitter you'll be aware that I've been missing in action for a while and that I've just put that down to the end of university arriving.

Although a few people are confused because most people in their third year of uni are graduating yet I'm still busy with work and placements? That's the life of a student nurse, mental health nurse to be exact! I don't actually finish my course until September and although I've finished all work now and I'm currently enjoying three weeks off, I still have a final placement to complete before my course ends. I also don't graduate until January, just to clear up some further confusion!

You might have noticed a few tweets about how I would love to be graduating with the rest of my friends and yes I cannot wait to wear my cap and gown, but I also love being a nurse and I cannot wait to qualify. So no matter how far behind that places me I suppose, I wouldn't change it for the world. I still get to wear a cap and gown, it's just going to be a hell of a lot colder when I do!