Friday First | Dream A Little Dream

So I'm writing this whilst sat on a diverted train meaning that I'm going to be terribly delayed, nothing screams glamorous blogger more does it?

I feel like I haven't read a book, let alone wrote a book review in forever. I've been insanely busy with uni and all I've wanted to do is sleep rather than read at night. I also feel like I've completed missed the both on 'Dream A Little Dream' as it came out ages ago and everyone seems to have already reviewed it!

Basically Giovanna has done it again, you all know how in love I am with Billy Buskin, well I now have Brett Last to lust over too, both dream and real! Let's also thank Giovanna for the little bit of sauce added within Dream A Little Dream, wink!

As I've said before Giovanna's writing style makes it so easy for you to just fall in love with the story from the first word and 'Dream A Little Dream' did not let me down. It's taken me longer than normal to read due to uni commitments, but in these past three days I have flown through the rest of the book.

I laughed, I cried, laughed some more and had to hide tears on a train journey but I just know it's going to be a book that becomes one of my most read.

One of the things I admire about Giovanna is her ability to be realistic whilst creating the most dreamy characters and adding in little snippets that we all love, such as Tom from McFly, Nandos and Disney!
I never add in quotes from any book that I am reading but I couldn't not share these three!

Would I recommend Dream A Little Dream? Of course I would. Giovanna is one of my most highly recommended authors and I've already been telling everyone I know that they need to read this book.
Would I re-read Dream A Little Dream? Definitely. It's one of those stories that is incredibly easy to become lost in and that's something I look for in a book, so I just know it will be one I reach for tim and time again.
Overall score out of 5? An incredibly high 4, and that's more because I was such an idiot who took her time making her way through this book. I'm also now in love with Brett, and I want more of Sarah and Brett as well as Sophie and Billy.. I'm now off to dream about double dates.

Have you read Dream A Little Dream? Are you a fan of Giovanna's books? Let me know below.