Friday First | Avon Super Extend Liquid Eyeliner

I'm a girl who religiously uses gel eyeliner to create my winged liner; I've never been able to use liquid liner for some reason, it's just a skill I was never properly taught and no matter how much practice it just never worked for me.

I got the Super Extend Eyeliner from Avon free when I bought something else and when I saw it was a felt tip eyeliner I thought "well how hard can it be?", bloody hard is the answer it would seem. I'm just going to put it out there, I need an insane amount of practice with this eyeliner.

As you can see from the pictures above the eyeliner is a sturdy felt tip to provide a little more stability and control when applying this. I'd highly recommend applying this eyeliner in small, short strokes as with all eyeliners, but especially for me who took a few attempts at getting a look I could actually wear outside the house. The pointed tip also provides two types of strokes as you can also see above, a really thin point or a thicker line created with the side of the tip, which I how I covered most of my eye.

I actually felt that I wasn't able to get as close to my lash line as I normally would and despite tight lining I felt that there was still a gap, but I feel that this is probably due to me using a very light hand and being terrified of liquid liner. 

Although I wasn't happy with the eyeliner look I created I can't be too harsh on this liner, I'm still completely convinced that it was due to me being a complete virgin with liquid liner. It held well all day and didn't completely melt off my face. It wore slightly at the edges, but this is something I always expect when wearing this kind of look.

Will I continue to use the Avon Super Extend Eyeliner? I will, it's a different eyeliner look than I'd get compared with my gel eyeliner, but I think with more practice it is a look that I'll reach for some days.
Would I repurchase the Avon Super Extend Eyeliner? I'll have to think about this one, I think this will depend on how much practice I put in and if I can get used to this kind of eyeliner.
Would I recommend the Avon Super Extend Eyeliner? If this is the kind of eyeliner that you use then I would. I was really impressed with how sturdy the felt tip was which provided a lot of control during application.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I need to put in a lot of practice to be able to use this eyeliner without wanting to run away screaming first.