Friday First | Avon Makeup Setting Spray

It feels so natural to be back writing my Friday Firsts and I have so many products that I have been dying to review, but lets start with the one I have been waiting to review the longest!

Ever since I have been reading and watching beauty reviews I have wanted a makeup setting spray, although it's always been a product that I have never actually picked up as I could never find one within my price range, until now that is!

Technically I didn't buy this product as it was a free gift with something else that I bought from Avon, and I didn't actually know that Avon even did a makeup setting spray. I've been using it daily since.

At first I found it a bit strange to use and I think I was using it too close to my face, believe me spraying something on your face is a very strange feeling if it's not something you're used to. It doesn't perform miracles, not for me anyway as I have oily skin and in the hot weather it just seems worse, but this spray does stop my makeup sliding off my face as soon as I walk on the door and actually make it through to the afternoon!

I tested this out when I went to Slam Dunk and although my foundation did fade, my eyeliner stayed sharp enough to kill all day and night long.

Will I continue to use the Avon Makeup Setting Spray? I will, I've been using it daily and it really does help my makeup to last longer instead of just sliding off my face.
Would I repurchase the Avon Makeup Setting Spray? I will. Initially I wasn't keen on the £6 price tag for one bottle 300ml bottle, but then a little really does go a long way and I'll see how long this bottle lasts me, but I'm sure I'll end up repurchasing this.
Would I recommend the Avon Makeup Setting Spray? Definitely. For people like me with oily skin it saves your makeup just sliding off your face, and I'm sure for those of you lucky enough to have skin that behaves normally it would help your makeup last all day long.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. It doesn't perform miracles for me, but it does stop my makeup sliding down my face. A little goes a long way, and I'm not sure how I got through so many years of makeup without one!

Have you ever tried Avon's Makeup Setting Spray? Would you ever try this product? Do you already use a similar product? Let me know below!