Travel Diaries | London Baby!

So this month me and Ryan became tourists in our own country and went to London for a few days! We mainly went due to the incredible present my parents gave me for Christmas, but we thought that we'd spend a few days and see as much of London as we could while we had the perfect chance!

On our first day we were kind of just aimlessly wandering around London, not really knowing where we were or what we would find, and we accidentally stumbled across St James Park! I couldn't believe that I was somewhere that I had watched on TV so many times with such pride.
Being in London there is one thing that you simply have to see; Buckingham Palace, I was literally in awe.
We mainly went to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard, which was just incredible and made me immensely proud whilst I was watching it up at the fences with all the tourists.
We went to Borough Market, which I actually didn't even know existed, and got to try some amazing street food! I really wish the pictures did the food more justice as to just how incredible it was, and for such good prices. Somewhere that you really need to experience, even if you don't buy anything.
Of course we just had to visit Oxford Street, where I was able to go into the prettiest Disney Store that I will ever see in my life. Unfortunately Ryan wouldn't let me sit in Cinderella's carriage, or buy me anything that I was lusting over, probably cause that was nearly everything in the shop.
Being on Oxford Street only meant one thing though, apart from the fact that I had to visit the Oxford Street Primark, I was going to Selfridges. Walking into this shop was like dying and going to heaven, it actually is my idea of heaven! At one point I was trying not to cry, it's such an overwhelming feeling and it's just the best place. Of course I had to buy something and have my very own Selfridges bag, unfortunately it wasn't one of the £400 Victoria Beckham dresses that I very quickly backed away from, trying not to breathe over them..
Anyone who knows me knew that the one thing I wanted to do in London was to run around the National History Museum pretending I was David Attenborough and I'm pretty sure I was like a little kid in a sweet shop when we visited. It was incredible and everything I hoped it would be, I got to see Dippy so my visit was made as soon as we walked in!
Of course the main reason for me and Ryan going to London was to take part in the Harry Potter London Locations Tour that my parents had bought me for Christmas. For a huge Harry Potter fan like me it was the best couple of hours walking around London, I got to see where some of my favourite ever scenes had been filmed and I could just secretly cry inside knowing that I was stood where Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson had once been, without sounding too crazy. But for someone like Ryan who doesn't care for Harry Potter it was a great way for him to see the sights of London. The tour ends at Platform 9 and 3/4 and who isn't running through the platform proudly displaying their house colours? I even visited the Platform 9 and 3/4 Shop and picked myself up a travel card holder and some every flavour beans!

So that was just a snapshot into our time in London, we did and saw so much but I wanted to keep this short and sweet. We absolutely loved our time in London and I'd love to go again because there is still so much to see and do!

Have you ever been to London? Is there anything that we didn't get a chance to do that we definitely should have? Let me know below!