Life | The Disney Tag

1. Favourite Princess
From when I was a little girl I'd say my favourite princess would have been Cinderella or Aurora, and they still are! As I've grown up my love for Merida and Rapunzel has just grown.

2. Favourite Prince

Oh easily The Beast (also known as Prince Adam) or Eugene.

3. Favourite Couple
Belle and Beast or Rapunzel and Eugene.

4. Least Favourite Princess
I'd have to say Ariel, I never really took to The Little Mermaid and I don't think it's a fantastic story to tell young children.

5. Least Favourite Prince
I'd have to say Eric, again because I never really took to The Little Mermaid.

6. Least Favourite Couple
I don't think I have one, I really don't want to say Ariel and Eric again..

7. Favourite Dress/Outfit
Aurora's dress when it is changing from pink to blue, that was literally my childhood dream.

8. Least Favourite Dress/Outfit
I never really liked Mulan's dress.

9. A Princess Who Inspires You
Belle and Rapunzel.

10. Worst Decision Made By A Princess
Just everything that Ariel did, I honestly think it's an awful story to pass onto young children.

11. A Villain You Feel Was Justified In Their Treatment Of The Princess/Prince
I'd seriously say Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Ariel went to her..

12. A Princess You Would like To Trade Places With
Merida or Rapunzel.

13. A Princess Whose Life You Would Hate To Have
Cinderlla's before her happy ending, same with Rapunzel.

14. A Princess You Think Is A Bad Role Model For Young Girls
Ariel and Elsa.

15. Favourite Tiara
I've always loved Belle's tiara.

16. Favourite Song Sung By A Princess (Can Include Duets)
I See The Light.

17. Least Favourite Song Sung By A Princess (Can Include Duets)
Someday My Prince Will Come.

18. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Best Friends
I feel like I'd get on best with Bella or Rapunzel, I'm very similar to Anna though.

19. The Princess With Whom You Would Be Frenemies
I don't think I would be.

20. The Princess You Would Openly Hate And Be Enemies With
I don't think I'd hate any of them.

21. The Princess You Would Dress As For A Halloween/Costume Party
I'd love to go as Belle, I've always wanted her dress.

22. List Three Admirable Qualities About The Princess You named On Question Number 4
Ariel; She's brave to sacrifice a lot for a world that she doesn't really know, she seems to know exactly what she wants from live, she is very headstrong.

23. A Princess You Feel Didn't Deserve Her Happy Ending
I think they all deserved their endings.

24. The Happy Ending You Feel Didn't Make Sense/Was Too Easy
The only one I could really think of is Sleeping Beauty, but I love the story too much!

25. Favourite Sidekick
Easily Pascal!

26. Most Interesting Story
Beauty and The Beast.

27. Best Singing Voice
If I had to chose my favourite would be Rapunzel, but I love them all.

28. Edge Of You Seat: The Moment You Find Most Exciting
Again, Beauty and The Beast, where the Beast is dying.

29. If You Were A Disney Princess, What Would Your Story Be
I'd love Belle or Rapunzel's story, but also Merida's!

30. What Do You Want To See From The Next Disney Princess
I want more princesses who are like Rapunzel and Merida, princesses who know exactly what they want.