Life | Dear June

Dear June,

It's a short but sweet letter this month, purely because again not much is going on but the things that are coming up I cannot wait for.

So I'm going to London this month, I think you underestimate how excited I actually am. I've only been to London once but that was with Sixth Form and I didn't get a chance to explore properly and do all the touristy things, so this time I get to explore and I cannot wait! I hope it is everything I want it to be.

It's also Father's day this month, there is nothing better than being able to spoil my parents. Granted, my Dad is a little harder to shop for than my Mum, but aren't all Dads? This doesn't stop me attempting to spoil him rotten though!

My final assignment for uni is due in, and apart from my portfolio and having paperwork signed off this is practically it for uni now. It feels surreal, I cannot believe how quickly three years have gone, however I also can't help but be slightly bitter that so many people are already finishing and moving on and I'm still at uni till September!

Finally, it's now officially Summer! All I can say is that I hope you bring many days filled with sunshine and many late nights full of laughter June.

Beka. xo