Festival Fridays | Festival Essentials

So first let me apologise for two reasons: One I've been so absent lately, but that is what final deadlines will do, and two because I said I was doing Festival Hair and Makeup this week, but my final deadline hasn't given me the time to even think about that post, so this week I'm talking about those festival essentials!

So above is the list that I actually worked off last year when I was packing for Leeds, and here are the essentials that I took with me, apart from my sleeping bag, clothes and chair!

Last year we had an early bird ticket so we got in two days early, so in total we were at Leeds fest for 6 days. For those days I packed 9 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 12 pairs of underwear, 12 pairs of socks, one hoody and a spare bra, no one ever thinks of the spare bra if you get wet! I was lucky last year because Ryan's Dad has two pairs of waterproofs, so they also got thrown in!

I'm sure you can pick out some of the obvious things that you'd think to take with you like the deodorant, dry shampoo, hairbrush, hand gel and face wipes. I've also pictured a tiny bit of makeup, makeup is one of the last things you'll be thinking about at a festival, but I took just my powder and my mascara to just make myself look a little bit more alive every day, definitely not an essential though.

There's also things that seem so obvious that if you're anything like me, unless I put them on my list I'd forget to pack them. These are things like my ID and money, my bum bag, the toilet paper, the towel and the suncream. I don't have a lot of money pictured, and how much you'd take would be up to you.

I took a bit with me because I knew that I would be buying food there. I would recommend taking some of your own with you though, I just took a couple of boxes of cereal bars to keep me going at camp, I could also just throw a couple into my bag when going down to the arena and stages. It also gave me a little something when I just woke up. The same with drink, what you take and how much again is up to you, just remember that most festivals only allow plastic bottles and you can only take soft drinks with you.. Get creative!

But there's also things that you wouldn't think to pack like the bin bags and a pillow case. I can feel you all looking at me gone out so let me explain, the pillow case gives you a way to keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty clothes (I used my pillow case to keep my clean clothes in), but also something extra to sleep on at night. The bin bags? If you clothes get wet, again they're another way to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate but also protect everything. And I'm sure you've all seen at least one person using them as a makeshift poncho for when it rains.

You're also not going to be wanting to live in your wellies all weekend so I'd highly recommend taking a spare pair of trainers that you really wouldn't mind if you got them really muddy. I personally only wore mine while we were back at camp around the campfire and if I just ran to the toilets, otherwise I was in my wellies every other moment, the obvious festival essential.

This is the bag that I took with me, it's what I would call a proper little explorer bag, I picked it up from Tesco for like £20. I went with my boyfriend and his friends to Leeds last year and they actually commented on how they'd never thought to even thought to bring a bag like this, believe me it made fitting everything in so easy and it saved my back so much.

I've also pictured how I carried my wellies, it looks a bit strange and when I was travelling on the train up I got some strange looks, but they're going to be one of the first things you'll want and I actually struggled to fit them in my bag, so I had a brainwave moment and clipped them to the side!

So those are my festival essentials, with a few optional items thrown in! What are you essentials? Have I missed anything super obvious? Let me know below!