Festival Friday | Realistic Festival Fashion

So today I'm starting my mini series Festival Friday! I've been thinking about the best post to start this with and decided that festival fashion would be a good place to start.

I'm not sure about guys, but at this time of year girls cannot escape "festival fashion". Well, festival inspired fashion.. I've always looked at festival fashion and questioned how practical it really is, especially when you're wading through mud in a field, and attending Leeds Festival last year really proved this point to me.

The British weather lately has been hugely hit and miss; it's raining one second and sun is shining the next. So I grabbed a minute of sunshine when I had chance, so please excuse the lighting!

So I usually see Converse with shorts being mentioned as being perfect for a festival; if it's a day festival in a city then they might be, but if you're going to a weekend festival in a field the chances are you'll be wanting your wellies. They don't look as nice as Converse but believe me if it does rain, you'll be grateful.

Floral is a trend that so many people wear and it's easy to pull off for festivals. The best piece of advice I could give people is don't take something to a festival that you wouldn't want to get dirty, stained or potentially ruined, so for me I wouldn't be wearing the floral top.

The sun isn't always shining, or sometimes you just want to throw something on to cover yourself slightly. Kimonos are a huge part of fashion at the minute and I'm seeing them recommended everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I love my kimono but after battling with portaloos last year I'm very aware of how impractical one would be when you're in a confined space and not trying to touch anything. I personally would just throw a simple checked shirt on, something that is still in fashion but also it's a little more comfortable.

Again, when the sun isn't shining or when it drops colder at night you're going to want something to cover up with. I've seen big, chunky cardigans recommended, but again after a battle with a portaloo my big chunky cardigan would not be coming with me. I'd throw on a jumper, it's something that you don't have to battle with in a portaloo and it's still comfortable enough, whilst keeping you warm.

You're not always going to want to be wearing shorts, and if rains you're definitely not. I'd highly recommend throwing in some jeans that are comfortable enough to be in all day long, but again some that you don't mind getting dirty!

So these would be my main tips for festival fashion! Do you have anymore that I have missed? Next week I'm talking festival hair and makeup!