Festival Friday | Hair & Makeup

So I think it's my last Festival Friday! I know it's only been three posts, but I think I've covered the basics, unless I can think of anything else to add that's it; you're all festival ready! Well not quite yet, lets talk hair and makeup..

Hair and makeup is another thing that I'm always seeing 'Festival Inspired' everywhere, but none of it is practical, let me explain.

Let's start with my biggest no no, hats. I know this is weird as last week one of my festival essentials was a beanie, but bigger hats for the day time, just no. Believe me they may look cute but take one of those into the arena and stages and it will just be stolen.

Mermaid and beach waves are everywhere this year and they'd be a really easy look to achieve at a festival, just wet your hair and stick it into plaits and then the next morning instant beach waves and mermaid hair!

I see loads of girls wearing flower crowns and go for it if you can pull one off. I personally can't cause I feel like my face is too round, but they're a great way to hide the start of those greasy roots that will start to kick in!

Just like a floral crown a bandana is going to do a great job of hiding those greasy roots and looks great whether you're hair is up or down.

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Let's be realistic here, the majority of the time you're at a festival you're hair is going to be up. Mine was at least anyway. It's going to be filled with dry shampoo by the end of the weekend and you're just going to want it out of your face, and you can't go wrong with the simple top knot. It looks cute, hides all the nastiness and is super simple!

Let's be honest, all of these girls have created some incredible makeup looks and I'd definitely consider them for a festival themed party. However for my time at an actual festival? Not so much.

I'm always seeing colours and glitters being the top festival makeup must have, when realistically even makeup isn't a must have! Like I said in my essentials last week, I took my powder and my mascara to make me look a little bit alive but that's it. If you're the kind of person who can do perfect winged liner in a tent using a tiny mirror than I am actually envious of you.

So those are my Festival Hair and Makeup Tips and my Festival Friday tips! Are there any tips that you would like to share? Do you think that I have missed anything that you would want me to cover? Let me know below!