Life | Slam Dunk

So now that we're almost into June festival season is officially starting in the UK! For some people it started last week weekend for Radio 1's Big Weekend, but for others (including me) it started with Slam Dunk Festival, can you class it as a festival? Well it's called one, so I'm gonna...

So for the next few Friday's there won't be any Friday Firsts, instead it will be my mini series called Festival Fridays! The idea of Festival Friday's will be to provide realistic advice and tips about festivals and everything that goes with them. That's enough about the idea of Festival Fridays, let's talk Slam Dunk!

So I attended the Slam Dunk Festival on the Saturday in Leeds, which was the first day of the festival. Slam Dunk is a festival that I've wanted to attend since I was younger, it has always been full of my favourite bands. This year was no different, there weren't as many bands that I wanted to see this year as previous years but there were still some that I couldn't wait to see, not to mention You Me At Six and Taking Back Sunday (mainly for nostalgia reasons!)

It was just one of the best days and perfect for an outdoor festival; the sun was shining, Millennium Square was absolutely packed and the atmosphere was just perfect.

The night was just as incredible. The atmosphere continued to grow and the crowd was one of the best crowds that I have ever been in; everyone was looking out for each other, but equally everyone was just having the time of their lives and you could just feel the energy from every single person.

Unfortunately we didn't make the most of the afterparty like we should have done, but by this point me and Ryan has just had enough and our legs couldn't take anymore.

Sunday I woke up with my legs feeling numb and no voice, so I think overall it's safe to say that Slam Dunk was a pretty insane day, and I'll definitely be going again. Why I haven't done this sooner I'm not quite sure!

Did you go to any of the Slam Dunk Festival Days? Are you going to a festival this year? Let me know below!