Life | Memories For A Lifetime

How incredible is Timehop? Yes that weird little app that tells you what you were doing on that day however many years ago.. I find it incredible because I didn't realise that four years ago I was on the trip of a lifetime, or in fact I'd probably just got back, but how has four years gone by so quickly?

That trip of a lifetime was when I was foretunate enough to be able to go to Auschwitz with sixth form, but we also travelled through Berlin, Germany before then going to Krakow, Poland.

I got the chance to not only visit some amazingly, humble places but I also got to see some amazing things. It is a trip that I will forever cherish and I have memories from that week that I will never forget. I couldn't put all of my pictures in this blog post, but I managed to pick my favourites from both Germany and Poland and I think I managed to capture what this week, four years ago, was all about.

1. A statue commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall outside of the Allied Forces Museum in Berlin 2.Tower A at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Germany 3. Remaining section of the Berlin Wall 4. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
5. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 6. The Reichstag Building in Berlin 6. The Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz where the Wannsee Conference took place 7. A watch tower at Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz

1. "Arbeit Macht Frei" gate at Auschwitz One 2. Memorial urn at Auschwitz One 3. Memorial wall at Auschwitz One 4. View from the watch tower at Auschwitz Birkenau
5. Another view from the watch tower at Auschwitz Birkenau 6. Buildings in Central Krakow 7. Buildings in Central Krakow 8. Buildings in Central Krakow