Life | Dear April

Dear April,

So I'm writing to you late and I'm writing you a really short letter, sorry!

I should have been writing to you on the first, but instead I was on a plane travelling to Limassol for a week
, which was a great week and it was just perfect to be away and relax just before the stretch of uni really begins.

You're the month where everything becomes real April, I have two weeks left of uni before I'm out on my management placement, which I was lucky enough to get my first choice in so I'm hoping that I will really enjoy it and learn a lot from it. You're probably going to be filled with uni work April, I have one assignment due in and I'll be working on my final assignment too, oh as well as my portfolio!

You treat Ryan to his birthday, which means that I get to treat him to some goodies! Although I don't get to see him until a week after his birthday, but I suppose this is what growing up is really about. It does give me an opportunity to catch up with a really old friend who I hardly get to see anymore though, and I cannot wait for this.

I think you're going to be my quietest month yet April, I actually don't have a lot planned for you I really do want to just take you one day at a time and just enjoy the beginnings of Spring! Lets see what you have in store for me April.

Beka. xo