Holiday Diaries | Limassol Edition

It feels like I was only writing my blog post about going to Alcudia yesterday and now almost a year later I'm writing about our recent trip to Limassol, Cyprus.

Again I didn't take many pictures, I'm not sure if this is because we didn't do many 'photo worthy' things as a lot of the time we were just walking around exploring, or because as usual I never think to take my camera out.. Nevermind! 
One activity that we did that I definitely wasn't able to get any pictures of was when we went off roading in a little buggy, so here's a bonus picture of us in our attractive jumpsuits (and me looking especially like a convict..)

So a bit of a photo heavy post, but I think that photos do a much better job of showing how someone spent their holiday instead of them just writing pages and pages about it!

We're already suffering from holiday blues and I'm sure it won't be long before we're organising our next holiday, we're already talking about where we both want to visit next!