Friday First | Forever Living Aloe Vera

This weeks Friday First is all about Forever Living Aloe Vera products, again another product I never thought I'd be reviewing. Well, I won't be reviewing them as it's my mum who swears by Aloe Vera for many different uses and uses these products, so I'll be writing this blog post from her point of view!

As she bought these products from a representative I won't be able to leave any links to the products, but I hope this post will give you a little more insight into the power of Aloe Vera!

A very quick note, I have no proof that any of these products work for everyone or will have the same effects as my Mum and Dad. This is just their own views!

Forever Aloe Lips With Jojoba
Starting with a lip balm that is a combination of Aloe, Jojoba and beeswax that is designed to soothe, smooth and moisturise chapped and dry lips. My mum is a person who has used lip balms in the past but has never found one that works well.

"There is no greasy feeling with this lip balms and you're lips don't feel like they have a coating on. The lip balm has an initial smell but when you're wearing it you can't smell it, there is also no aftertaste that you can get with some lip balms. My lips feel a lot more moisturised and it does soothe my lips when they're a little sore."

Will you continue to use Forever Aloe Lips? "I will continue to use the lip balm, I can definitely see the benefits that it claims to achieve."
Would you repurchase the Forever Aloe Lips? "I would repurchase it, I managed to pick it up for a great price that didn't break the bank and it works great."
Would you recommend the Forever Aloe Lips? "As someone who has tried so many different lip balms I would highly recommend this lip balm to others who have not had success with other lip balms."
Overall score out of 5? "I'd give this a 5. I've tried many lip balms in the past and none have worked, but this is great!"

Aloe Heat Lotion
A heat lotion designed to soothe and relax by massaging into the skin. My mum is always using Deep Heat for one reason or another so I wasn't surprised to see that this was a product that she picked up to try.

"Initially there is a similar smell to Deep Heat and it has the warming factor like Deep Heat, but the smell doesn't linger and the heat factor disappears sooner than Deep Heat but it still soothes my aches, and the effects seem to last a lot longer. The lotion sinks easy in to the skin and it doesn't need working into the skin. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin and a little goes a very long way."

Will you continue to use Aloe Heat Lotion? "Yes I will. Although it is more expensive than Deep Heat I don't have to use a lot of lotion, so in the long run it will last me a lot longer."
Would you repurchase the Aloe Heat Lotion? "I would, I feel that the product is going to last me a long time so I'll definitely get my moneys worth from it."
Would you recommend the Aloe Heat Lotion? "I would recommend. The effects of this lotion last all day and the smell doesn't linger all day."
Overall score out of 5? "I'd give it a 5. I don't go around smelling of Deep Heat all day and I can feel the effects of this lotion lasting all day."

Aloe Vera Gelly
A "non-irritating" gelly that claims to moisturise, soothe and condition the skin. My mum bought this to use on her own skin, but also bought it for my Dad to use on his scalp with Psoriasis.

"I'm using this gelly in place of a daily moisturiser once a day all over my face, however I've never really used a daily moisturiser properly. I am seeing the effects of using this gelly on my skin. It's a very soothing gelly and it has a nice cooling sensation which is nice on the skin. Your Dad has been using this on his scalp and that's looking better."

Will you continue to use Aloe Vera Gelly? "I will continue to use it, although I'll probably use it more to soothe sore skin instead of for the moisturising factor."
Would you repurchase the Aloe Vera Gelly? "I would. I'm seeing benefits for my own skin, but I'd be more likely to repurchase it for your Dad and his scalp."
Would you recommend the Aloe Vera Gelly? "I'd definitely recommend it as a soothing agent for things like sore skin and sunburn."
Overall score out of 5? "I'd give it a 4. It is a great soothing products, but I find that other products are better for moisturising, like the Propolis Creme."

Aloe Propolis Creme
A creme that claims to "nourish the skin" as well as helping to "maintain a beautiful skin tone and texture." Again my Mum bought this creme to use on her own skin, for also for my Dad to use on his own skin where he has dry patches.

"I use this product on my face once a day and your Dad uses it on his face when he goes to bed. It's a very thick creme, but it doesn't need working into the skin and a little goes a very long way. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin and the creme has a natural smell but it doesn't linger. I'm seeing the benefits of this creme my skin is feel softer and the dry skin on your Dad's face is looking a lot better, also his stubble feels softer!"

Will you continue to use Aloe Propolis Creme? "I will, I'm using it daily as a moisturiser and my skin is feeling better."
Would you repurchase the Aloe Propolis Creme? "I would buy it again, I'm loving the moisturising factor."
Would you recommend the Aloe Propolis Creme? "I would recommend it, again I'm definitely seeing the benefits."
Overall score out of 5? "I'd give it a 5. It works well on dry skin and works well for skin that just needs a little extra moisture."

Aloe Hand & Face Soap
A hand and face soap that claims to clean without drying as well as leaving skin feeling "pampered and silky smooth". My mum has used face washes in the past and has struggled to find one that doesn't leave her skin feeling dry, stripped and tight.

"It's a thick face wash, but again a little goes a long way. After using this wash my face feels clean, soft and moisturised, there's not the normal tight feeling I get after other face washes. There's a very gently fragrance which isn't overpowering and you can't smell it when using it on your face."

Will you continue to use Aloe Hand & Face Soap? "I will, however it is expensive compared to other hand and face washes that you can buy so it will probably be used sparingly."
Would you repurchase the Aloe Hand & Face Soap? "I would repurchase it. The price tag isn't the cheapest, however it feels like a product that will last a long time as not much is needed."
Would you recommend the Aloe Hand & Face Soap? "I'd recommend it to people who have sensitive skin, or for those who have struggled to find a face wash that works well in the past."
Overall score out of 5? "4, but that is just because of the price tag. I love the product otherwise."

Have you ever tried any Aloe Vera products? Would you recommend using Aloe Vera? Is it something you'd consider trying? Let me know below!