Life | Treating My Mum

So of course today is Mother's Day so this post is going to be dedicated to what I treated my Mum to today.

My mum has had a busy week this week as not only is it Mother's Day today but it was her birthday on Wednesday, so I'm going to show you what I bought my Mum both for her birthday and for Mother's Day.

I picked up the cushion from Store 21, my Mum's been wanting some new cushions and I loved the message on this one, the beach hut sign I also picked up from Store 21 as my Mum loves beach huts and that is the theme of our bathroom.. I also again thought the sign was nice. Who doesn't love getting chocolate for their birthday? I know my Mum loves mint chocolates, especially these Thorntons ones so I picked these up for her!

For me Mother's Day is all about treating your Mum and wanting them to feel loved and pampered, so I picked her up this small Orchard & Bloom set in the scent Pink Lily & Jasmine. Again I treated her to some of her favourite chocolate, Maltesers.. She is definitely going to kill me. As well as what you can see here I'm also going to treat her to a day out for Sunday brunch once I'm back from my holiday.

So that is what I treated my Mum too, I'd love to see how you treated yours!