Life | Dear March

Dear March,

Where have you already appeared from? It feels like I was only welcoming February yesterday, time has gone too quickly.

A quick catch up from last month, I'm still thinking about management placement and job applications and on one hand I'm becoming a lot more stressed about this, but on the other I'm starting to just come to terms with it a lot more. I'm growing up!

So it's my Mum's birthday this month, as well as Mother's Day so my mum get's spoilt a lot this month. Which I don't mind at all because who doesn't love spoiling their mum? I have a few ideas of what I'll be getting her, but I just want to make sure that she has a lovely day on both days.

Spring is finally here! Well I know that could be up for debate but for me your arrival also means the arrival of Spring too March, so this hopefully means that the weather might start to get better. Fingers crossed, I can only hope!

I'm now finally allowed to start planning for my holiday properly, it's finally acceptable for it to be holiday season! Well, if I'm honest it's been holiday season since Ryan told me about the holiday at Christmas, but now that it's only a month away it's a lot more acceptable to think about what I'm taking, start buying the things I need, and to finally start packing closer to the time!

I think you're going to be a quiet month March, I don't have much planned so far so I'll just see where you take me March. Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to it.

Beka. xo

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