Friday First | Leo Bancroft Sensationally Secure Pro Hair Grips

This weeks Friday First I'm talking about grips, and I can honestly say that this is something that I never thought I'd be reviewing.

At Christmas time when I saw my cousin and his wife, me and his wife somehow got onto the topic of hair grips, she then told me about the Leo Bancroft Sensationally Secure Pro Hair Grips that she uses and how she'd never use anything else. I never got around to picking any up for myself, but being the wonderfully kind person she is she picked me some up and sent me some in the post!

So this post is a little bit of a cheat as I've been using these for a few weeks, but I can argue that that means I can give a truly honest review.

I was initially a little bit sceptical of these grips and wasn't sure how grips could be so wonderful that they'd hold my hair so much in place that I'd be willing to pay £3 for a pack of hair grips. I have used this hair grips to hold my fringe back when it's up in the day, when I'm exercising and when it's up when I'm in bed.

I can confidently say that these hair grips are incredible and seriously hold my hair in place without feeling uncomfortable. They don't snag at my hair and I forget they're in my hair. They have a matte finish and the only way I can describe the feel is like a very worn down sandpaper, which sounds awful but it means that they hold really well and they do not move at all throughout the day..

The only thing I cannot use these grips for is when I french plait my fringe because they're just a little too long and they stick out too much at the top and they look a bit strange.

Will I continue to use the Leo Bancroft Sensationally Secure Pro Hair Grips? I will continue to use these hair grips, and I'm excited to see how long they last me as I'm only using two at a time and I make sure I know exactly where they are so I don't lose them.
Would I repurchase the Leo Bancroft Sensationally Secure Pro Hair Grips? I think I would, the £3 price tag isn't my favourite but I'm hoping this pack last me, but I would pick them up again.
Would I recommend the Leo Bancroft Sensationally Secure Pro Hair Grips? Absolutely! Everybody needs to try these hair grips at least once, they are a game changer believe me.
Overall score out of 5? I'll give this product a 4, I can't use them to hold my fringe when I've french plaited it but that is the only downside to these grips. Is it possible to be in love with hair grips?

Have you ever tried these hair grips? Would you try these hair grips? Do you use anything similar to these? Let me know below!