Beauty | Empties

I finally have enough products to justify an empties post! These are another kind of post that I absolutely love because you get a better idea about a product and you can see if people will repurchase them, or if they just weren't worth the hype.

Avon Senses Relfection & Mystique
Like an idiot I forgot to include my empty Mystique bottle in the above picture. I love Avon Shower Gels and the scents they come in they're such luxury scents. They feel my skin feeling silky smooth and soft after I've used them and they're what I always use on a daily basis. I'll definitely be repurchasing these, we always have bottles of these in the bathroom ready to use.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Like every other beauty blogger and every other girl in the country I jumped straight onto this product and I absolutely love it. I've already reviewed this product and you can read that here, and I've already repurchased my next bottle!

Beauticology Sweet Gingerbread Body Wash
This is another product that I've already reviewed, you can find that here. I won't be repurchasing this product, I think I love my Avon shower gels too much!

Nivea Pearl and Beauty Deodorant
I know that not everyone includes deodorants in their empties, but I will because I have my favourites and ones that I feel work, Nivea Pearl and Beauty being one. It keeps me feeling fresh all day and I feel protected, also it smells nice!

Soft & Gentle Jasmine & Coco Milk
Soft & Gentle are another deodorant favourite. Again it keeps me feeling fresh and protected all day and this scent has to be my second favourite Soft & Gentle scent.

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repaird 6 Effects Serum
This seriously is my holy grail product and the one thing that I will always swear by when it comes to my hair. When using this product my hair feels softer, it's a lot easier to manage and it just feels generally great! The only down side is that my mum has to get me this from work, but it's a product that I will always repurchase when I need a new one.

Avon Care 3-In-1 Cleansing Lotion
This is something that I now cannot imagine my skin routine without. I use this after I've washed my face to very quickly refresh my skin. It leaves my skin feeling smoother and looking that little bit brighter somehow. I cannot find this online, so I feel that Avon have done their usual and discontinued a product that I love, sob!

Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash
Again another product that I cannot imagine my skin routine without. I use this every morning to wash my face and remove all the dirt from the previous day and night before. Since using this my skin has looked a lot better and it's something I always repurchase.

Primark Cotton Pads
I use these twice a day to remove my makeup and freshen up my skin, they're just a staple that a girl cannot live without. For £1 they always land in my basket when I'm in Primark.

Chocomania Body Butter
Again, another product that I have already reviewed on this blog. Part of me is sad I've finally finished this, but part of me isn't. I had ups and downs with this product definitely! Unfortunately, I won't be repurchasing.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
It's no secret how much I love this product, you can read my original review here. I'm sad that I've finished this tub because I've vowed that I won't touch my new tub until I'm on holiday. This is going to be one of those products that I continue to repurchase for life I feel.

Let me know what products you've finished and if you'd repurchase them or not!