Life | #TimeToTalk

So this post should have probably gone up on Thursday, however I wanted to be able write more about what I did on Thursday myself.

Thursday 5th February was Time To Talk Day organised through Time To Change, led by Mind and Rethink, and the idea is to simply get as many people as possible talking about mental health to help end the stigma that surrounds it.

A lot of people openly admit that they struggle when it comes to talking about mental health because they're scared of saying the wrong thing or they just simply have no idea what to say or even how to start a conversation. As I tell people, people with mental health issues are just normal people so just start a conversation like you would with anyone else.
So being student mental health nurses myself and some other people from my course helped out with a stall at our university to spread the word of Time To Talk and get people talking. A few people already knew about the campaign and were happy to talk to us, whereas more people had no idea but were also more than happy to let us explain to them what we were going on about. In total we tallied that we spoke to 163 people all of which we inputted onto the Time To Change website to register our 5 minutes and to help them reach their target, so we added a lot of 5 minute conversations!

My wonderful selfies show just a couple of the things we were using to get people's attention, including some of the pledge cards we were encouraging people to use as conversation starters and the incredible fortune tellers that we were using as ice breakers, a bit of fun and another conversation starter!

Mental health is a topic close to my heart and Time To Talk is a campaign that I truly back as I know how much stigma can really harm people with mental health issues.

I made my pledge, have you made yours?