Life | Guilty Pleasures

We all have those little guilty pleasures and we usually keep them hidden, lately a few of mine have come to light and my response is usually "judge me", this got me thinking about what else are my guilty pleasures.. So here is a list of just a few in no particular order.

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One Direction, Four - Let's start off with what inspired this post. I've been listening to this album A LOT lately, and I'm not even ashamed to admit it. It's a fantastic album, I'm probably a little bit of a 1D fan and if you gave me the chance to see this band live I would, judge me.

Musicals - I love watching a good musical, I have since I was young. I will stick a musical on if I need a pick me up, if I'm getting ready for a night out or if I've got a spare afternoon. I've found Mamma Mia to be a good musical for those times when I'm getting ready and just stick it on in the background.

Dancing Around - Taking both of the above into account it usually leads to me dancing around like there is no tomorrow, if I'm home alone you'll more than likely find me dancing around when I'm doing something. I will turn the kitchen stereo up loud when I'm doing something and I'll be dancing around like the above picture.

Snuggling Up With A Book and a Hot Drink - I would do this all day every day if I could but obviously life is a thing, so when I have a spare moment you will find me snuggled up with my kindle and a hot drink with my head stuck in a fantastic story.

Baths - I've blogged before about how I make sure I take time out to just completely relax in a bath and the above often comes along with this. Whenever I'm in the bath I always have my kindle and a hot drink with me for the ultimate relaxation time.

Flowers and Chocolates - Let's keep this one short and simple, what girl doesn't enjoy being spoilt with flowers and chocolates.. Guys too, although from experience I find they prefer the chocolates a lot more.

Dressing Up - I love a good reason to dress up and be able to put on an outfit that isn't just jeans or work clothes. I love going on a night out, going out for meals and being invited to events where I get to put on a nicer outfit where I just feel nice and I get to do my hair and makeup along with this.

Heels - Again this kind of goes hand in hand with the above but I love wearing heels. I don't get to wear heels very often so when I get a chance I will throw them on within the second. It gives me something different to wearing my Converse on almost a daily basis.

So there are just a few of my guilty pleasures, they might seem obvious and for some people these are some things that they get to do on a daily basis and is part of their daily lives.

What are your guilty pleasures? Let me know below.