Life | Dear February

Dear February,

You have come around far too quickly for my liking, I can't believe it's already the second month of 2015. Seriously, when did you sneak up on me and where did you suddenly appear from?

I don't have too much planned for you February, I have a few things planned but you're not an overly busy month. Of course it's Valentines Day, although for me it's going to be Valentines week late as we're calling it due to Ryan's work commitments.. I suppose the only bonus of this is we won't have to pay sky high Valentines Day prices for anything.

I have to start thinking about my management placement soon, I finish placement next week and then I'm back in uni. So I now have to start thinking about organised and applying for the most important placement of final year, quite possibly even of my whole three years of my degree. This placement is basically where I get signed off and could basically make or break my whole career, don't stress Beka!

I finally get to see a very good friend who I haven't seen for a very long time and we get to spend some quality time together, I cannot wait for this. It's just what I need and I have been waiting far too long!

A quick note before I go February, could you sort the weather out please? In the week leading up to your arrival it's snowing and I don't want the snow to settle and stay around..

I don't have much else to say so I'll go now, let's just enjoy every moment and take it one day at a time February.

Beka. xo