Friday First | Chocolate Buttercup

So this weeks Friday First comes in the form of chocolate.. Well chocolate themed bath bombs!

I got this for Christmas off my cousin and I couldn't wait to use it the minute I opened it. The Chocolate Bath Box is by Bomb Cosmetics and contains six bath bombs all deliciously chocolate themed! The minute I opened the box it just smelled delicious, not overly chocolatey by there is a definite hint of it there.

All the bath bombs contain cocoa butter and shea fruit butters so once you have dropped one into your bath they will make your skin deliciously soft. It took me ages to choose which one to use because they all look so great but I eventually decided on 'Chocolate Buttercup', I think it was the little heart that swung me.

When dropped into the bath they melt and fizz really slowly, I don't think I dropped mine in early enough so I had to crumble mine to help it melt into the water. When it had melted into my bath my bath smelt gorgeous and I just couldn't wait to jump in and when in the bath I could definitely feel my skin being moisturised.

The chocolate scent wasn't overly noticeable however I can completely forgive this because the scent from the cocoa and shea butters and the way my skin felt after was just incredible. This is definitely a product that makes me feel super pampered and super relaxed.

Will I continue to use the Chocolate Bath Box? I will, if the other five bombs are as good as this one I cannot wait for those baths.
Would I repurchase Chocolate Bath Box? I think I would, I'd also be tempted to try other products from Bomb Cosmetics.
Would I recommend Chocolate Bath Box? I would, I love how my skin felt after using this product and I've only used one bath bomb so far!
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 4, I've only used one bath bomb so far and I love it and I can't wait to try the rest. I just hope the rest are as amazing!

Have you tried the Chocolate Bath Box? Do you have a favourite bath bomb from the Chocolate Bath Box? Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? Let me know below!