Friday First | Benefit Roller Lash

Like every other blogger and every other girl in the country as soon as I heard that with the latest edition of Elle magazine I could grab myself a sample/travel size of Benefit's new mascara Roller Lash I just had to grab it, for £4 who could say no?

I wasn't going to write this review as every other blogger seems to have written one, however I couldn't not write this review. Let me start off by saying that I've never tried a Benefit mascara, despite lusting over They're Real for what seems like forever.

The first thing I noticed with this mascara is the packaging, now I know that this isn't the packaging of the full size mascara which upsets me slightly as I love the rose gold lid! The second thing I noticed, which is probably the first thing everyone checks with a mascara is the wand. The wand is one made of plastic with plastic bristles and is ever so slightly curved. Now, this kind of wand is usually one that I avoid as I really struggle to get on with these wands, but I thought I'd give it a go. Although, honestly I have no idea which side of the wand is easier to use, I just tend to stick to the side which I curved so my lashes fit into it.

The first morning I tried it I was impressed as soon as I put it on, I applied it very cautiously and with a light hand as I'm not used to these wands and I instantly noticed the length that it added to my lashes, although I honestly can't say that I noticed any added 'curl'. Throughout the day it held up well, the length lasted and the mascara didn't crumble off my lashes. The only thing I did notice was that it did transfer to my brow bone throughout the day, but I put this down to having a very stressful and busy day as this hasn't happened since. 

The second day using this mascara I tried to apply it how I would normally apply my mascara and holy crap this mascara clumped like there was no tomorrow, not typical clumping but a lot of my lashes stuck together at the base making it look like I had three lashes.. Not a great look.

This stuff does not come off, at least without a good soak. I use my Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup but when it comes to taking off this mascara I have to soak my eyes like I'm removing my gel eyeliner, at least I know it stays put all day I suppose. This was also tested and confirmed when I did the smudge test. One eye I just rubbed lightly like you would if you accidentally rubbed your eye and a little bit transferred as would be expected but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed, on the other eye I really rubbed my eye and again a little transferred, more than the other eye but my eye didn't turn full panda.

Overall it's not a bad mascara and I don't have any major complaints other than I'm still trying to get used to how to use it to make my lashes look decent, but that is just me.

Will I continue to use Roller Lash? I'll definitely continue to use it, when I actually get it to look decent I love how it makes my lashes look, but that is purely because I'm not used to the wand.
Would I repurchase Roller Lash? Definitely not, I doubt I'll be that in love with the product to rush out and buy the full size version when it's released and I don't love it enough to replace my daily mascara.
Would I recommend Roller Lash? This is a tricky question. I would, if they can still get hold of Elle for the sample size. If it's someone who I know loves Benefit mascara and someone who I think would get on with it then I would, but I think the price tag would get in the way.
Overall score out of 5? I'll give this product a 3, I love how it makes my lashes look when I finally work it out. But it's taking me a long time to get to grip with the brush and my lashes can end up looking clumpy. I highly doubt I'll be rushing out to buy the full sized version when it's released.

Have you tried Roller Lash? What did you think to Roller Lash? Have you tried any other Benefit mascaras? Let me know below!