Friday First | Beauticology Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion

So it's time to review the second product from my Beauticology Gingerbread House Gift Set, which is the Creamy Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion.

Let's start with the scent of this body lotion. It didn't smell how it expected to smell, it smells very very sweet, almost overly sweet. But I'm not sure if this is just me being a complete idiot, I don't know how marshmallow naturally smells, I only know how they smell in a bag covered in sugar.. So that could be that reason.

One of the best things about this body lotion is that you don't need a lot and that a little really does a go a long way. Be careful though, have you ever had that moment where you've put on too much suncream or any other cream and you've just gone pure white? Well that's what happens if you put on too much of this, which I've done and ended up with white legs.. Fantastic look just before I'm going to bed.

I'm not sure how moisturising this product is, my legs did still feel soft the next morning but I think this was more to do with the fact that I could still feel the excess product on the top of my skin. My legs did feel soft when I used it when I got out of the shower and this did feel soothing after shaving my legs, I think this might just be my personal preference of still wanting my legs to feel like I've just moisturised them the day after, maybe this is a sign that I should be moisturising daily and not just on the days I shave my legs.

Will I continue to use the Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? I will, slowly. I doubt I'll be reaching for this over my other moisturisers. However I might take this to my boyfriends and leave it there so I know that I have one when I'm travelling.
Would I repurchase Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? Probably not, I have moisturisers that I much prefer over this body lotion.
Would I recommend Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? Maybe. Once I've used it a few more times and I can be sure how moisturising I find it, then I might recommend it to people who I know would like it.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a 3, it's not a terrible product but it isn't a product I'll be replacing my favourite moisturisers with.

Have you tried the Marshmallow Frosting Body Lotion? Have you used any other Beauticology prodcuts? What was your opinion of either product? Let me know below!