Fashion | Grammy & BAFTA Top Picks

Let's just jump straight in, here are my top picks from this years Grammy and BAFTA awards and I struggled to narrow it down to just these.

1. Taylor Swift in Ellie Saab, let's be honest who didn't see Taylor Swift in this and just instantly want to be her? It's such a gorgeous dress 2. Jessie J, I couldn't find who she's wearing but it's a beautiful dress so elegant but I love the sheer details 3. Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad, I love this dress in a strange way. I'm not overly keen on the sheerness and the fringe but I love the sparkle, I'm also loving her hair at the minute.

4. Anna Kendrick in a Band of Outsiders suit. I cannot put my finger on what it is about this, but I love the classy look with that little bit of an edge 5. Bonnie McKee in Chagoury Couture, is it possible to just be in love with the back of a dress because I hate the front but absolutely love the cut out back 6. Grace Chatto from Clean Bandit, again I couldn't find what she's wearing but I love how she's also gone for a suit, and I think I like the little bra peeking through.

7. Ed Sheeran, no idea who he is wearing but let's be honest who doesn't love Ed in his little waist coat and tie? 8. Sam Smith, again I cannot find who he was wearing but he looked absolutely gorgoues, I really want to say dapper so he looks dapper. Also, I love that little white bow tie! 9. Nick Jonas in Versace, I love the little hint of yellow in the suit and I love how he paired it with a pair of white trainers, when did Nick Jonas grow up?

10. Dave Grohl and his wife Jordyn Blum. A little bit random I know but I love how Jordyn was all dressed up for the Grammys and Dave has just rocked up in jeans and a denim jacket like this is an everyday event for him, it probably is.

1. Lea Seydoux in Prada. I absolutely love the classic cut of this dress with the trail and the little sleeves, but  also love the cut outs at the waist which add a modern touch 2. Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney. A lot of people have slated this dress but I love it, I love the colour, the trail and I love the neckline, it's a little risky yes but I love how it turns into almost sleeves 3. Jenna Coleman in Rochas. I love the material and the pattern, some might say it look like curtains but I love it. Along with the neckline and that little cut out.

4. Holliday Grainger in Antonio Beradi. This dress screams classic to me with the simple black and white. I love the slit up the side and the neckline which follows through to the back of the dress which bring it into the modern day.

5. Laura Haddock in Ashi Studio. This is just the perfect dress to me, such a princess dress. I also enjoy the very neutral colour.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch in Alexander McQueen and his finance Sophie Hunter in Margiela. Benedict is my ultimate man crush, lets not try to deny this, and he looks classic in this suit. But Sophie looks absolutely gorgeous in this maxi dress that just frames that bump 8. Eddie Redmayne in Armani and his wife Hannah Bagshawe in Valentino, who isn't loving Eddie lately? He looks so handsome in this velvet suit 9. David Beckham in Tom Ford, do I need to say anything? I'll just leave this here..

What were your top picks from this years Grammy and BAFTA awards? Let me know below!