Life | Jongleurs Comedy Club

Me and Ryan are always looking for something different to do, whether it be for a date night or just for fun. As you would imagine, it turns out that a comedy club is a really good night out, date night or just for fun.

We went to Jongleurs last year with a night out with Ryan's work colleagues and ever since we went last year we have been wanting to go to another night. This weekend Ryan treated me with tickets after not seeing each other for a few weeks due to commitments, and I just hurt from laughing. Which is why this post is going up a day late, but I didn't want to have to write a rushed blog post!

We went to Jongleurs in Leeds, but if you look on the Jongleurs website you can look at the locations and find your closest one if your looking for a chance to go to Jongleurs yourself.

If you've never been to a comedy club the best piece of advice I can give you is go with an open mind cause you're going to see a lot of different comedy styles, some which you may not like, but be polite and just enjoy the show. House rules do apply at comedy clubs, however these are explained to you once you get there and they're super easy to remember. Just enjoy yourself, I don't know anyone who has been to a comedy club and hasn't had a good time!

So Friday night we saw Simon Bligh as our compare
Sam Avery opening the show
 Followed by Robert White
Then Monty Burns, who was trying out his set for Jongleurs
And Jimmy McGhie was our headline act.

It was a fantastic night, my jaw and stomach hurt from laughing and it reminded me exactly why I couldn't wait to go back to Jongleus, and why I can't wait to go back again!

If you ever get the chance to go to a Jongleus comedy night, or any other comedy night, I would highly recommend it!