Friday First | Gone Girl

How do I review a film without giving too much away? Seeing as I've already reviewed two films on my blog you'd be forgiven for thinking I should know how, don't worry I thought the same. The problem is with Gone Girl is that you can't really discuss it without giving away the plot completely, but I'm going to give it a good try.

I hadn't heard much about Gone Girl at all, all I really knew about Gone Girl is that it is a book that has now been turned into a film. I know Ben Affleck, although I'm not overly familiar with his work and I didn't really know any of the other cast. So that was nice, in a way that you weren't sat watching the film just watching someone you knew really well in another role, it was like watching a newly discovered actor/actress.

The film left me genuinely confused, but I can't discuss this without giving away the storyline. All I can say is that following some online research, this seemed to be the general consensus of most people who watched the film.

I still want to read the book, I know a lot of people can't do this once they have watched the film as they feel that they know the storyline and it would ruin the book for them. However I think there is a lot more to take from the book that wasn't delivered in the film.

Despite all of this, I would still highly recommend that you go and watch this film, it was still a good film and I genuinely enjoyed it.

Would I recommend Gone Girl? I would, I think it's a film that you definitely need to see at least one.
Would I re-watch Gone Girl? I'm not sure, it definitely won't be a film I reach for straight away.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give it a 3, I think there is a lot more to be gained from the book and I was left confused. I don't like thinking too much during a film, I like easy viewing but that is just me.

Have you watched Gone Girl? Is it something you'd consider watching? Have you read the book? Let me know below.