Friday First | Avon Glimmerstick 'At The Flicks'

So it's the first Friday First of 2015 and to kick it all off today I'll be reviewing a product that I got for Christmas, an Avon Glimmerstick Flick 'At The Flicks' which is a retractable eyeliner whilst comparing it against my normal Seventeen gel eyeliner, usually applied with an angled brush.

So here is the finished look, on the left eye is my typical eyeliner look using my Seventeen gel eyeliner, compared to 'At The Flicks on my right eye, featuring the clumpiest eyeliner in the world as my mascara decided to all of a sudden dry up. I'm aware my eyeliner isn't symmetrical, I go with the saying of 'their sisters not twins' for my eyeliner.

'At The Flicks' was a lot easier to use that I actually expected, I'm not sure what I expected from this eyeliner. I was a little worried about how easy it would be to create a 'flick' with the eyeliner with it having a very square end, but this didn't effect it at all. 'At The Flicks' was smooth and easy to work with. My only criticism is that it doesn't leave a line as crisp as my gel liner does, but that is just me being a complete perfectionist, but it also claims to be easily blend-able although this isn't something I look for in a product I can imagine it would be great for someone who likes a smudged look.

I think the name is one of the best names for a product that I own, but I'm also a sucker for names that can be classed as a 'pun'. Overall 'At The Flicks' left me with a softer looking eyeliner, and the opacity is easily build-able depending what kind of look you're going for. When I finished this look my mum actually couldn't tell the difference between my two eyes. 

I'd probably wear this look when I still want to wear a liner look, but I want a softer look instead of the harsh look I can get with my gel liner. I absolutely love this retractable eyeliner and I'm so happy it worked out for the best.

Will I continue to use 'At The Flicks'? I definitely will, it's a product that I was so excited to use the minute I opened it, and I'm so glad it worked just how I wanted it to.
Would I repurchase 'At The Flicks'? I would, although I'm not sure when I'll need to. There seems to be a lot of product within the eyeliner, and I have high hopes for the eyeliner lasting a while.
Would I recommend 'At The Flicks'? I would. I think it's a perfect product for someone who is just starting out and experimenting with a winged eyeliner look, or for someone who regularly wears a winged look but wants either a new product, or a way to wear a softer wing.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this product a solid 4. I like the softer look that it gives and it's not as opaque as my gel making it more of a daily wear, however my only concern I have with this product is if it will dry out and how fast this will happen.. I'm sure I'll only find out in time.

Have you ever used a product similar to 'At The Flicks'? What was your opinion a product like this?